Serving patients needing specialty medications with quality and coordinated healthcare. Paramount Specialty Pharmacy focuses our expertise to provide therapies for infectious disease and other specialty conditions that require exceptional care.


Provide specialty pharmacy services throughout New York State, New Jersey, Connecticut, and Pennsylvania

  • Specialize in the management of patients with chronic illnesses and provide the highest quality patient care
  • Deliver efficient, start-to-finish pharmacy support including patient insurance authorization and therapy-specific medication management
  • Act in concert with patients and their medical team to provide effective care coordination
"In doing so, we provide hope and a better quality of life to our patients."

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide quality healthcare, as well as physical and emotional comfort to all our patients. We are committed to working within the financial means of our patients while bringing quality healthcare to patients, prescribing physicians, payors, and manufacturers. Our core values are: responsiveness, integrity, respect, inclusion, and patient safety.

Our Vision

Our fundamental philosophy is to lead, manage, and care for patients managing a chronic illness with the highest level of respect, integrity, and dignity.

Our Values

Responsiveness, Integrity, Respect, Inclusion, and Patient Safety.

Our Services

  • Coordinating care with the patient, physician(s), and other healthcare providers
  • Educating and engaging patients to take an active role in their health care
  • Providing a patient-centric approach to care backed by proven results