Serving patients needing specialty medications with quality and coordinated healthcare. Paramount Specialty Pharmacy focuses our expertise to provide therapies for infectious disease and other specialty conditions that require exceptional care.


Attention New York Prescribers: Please note that these forms do NOT replace an electronic prescription which MUST accompany any of these forms submitted.

E-Prescribe: Send us the prescription(s) that your patient needs using our NABP # 3324427 or by looking us up under Paramount Specialty/Island Care, or search by our zip code, 11747.

NJ, CT and PA please use the Melville forms for service


Melville_Crohn's_013017 ENROLLMENT FORM
Melville_Dermatology_013017 ENROLLMENT FORM
Melville_GeneralEnrollment_013017 ENROLLMENT FORM
Melville_HepC_032817 ENROLLMENT FORM
Melville_Rheumatology_013017 ENROLLMENT FORM